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We would like to receive any feedback you might have that would make this service more valuable.
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Prior to participating in today's Roundtable, which of ITRC'S PFAS resources related to today's topics, have you used? (select all that apply)

Web-based technical and regulatory guidance document
Facts Sheets
YouTube videos
Classroom training

Looking ahead, how likely are you to use this guidance or other ITRC PFAS resources?

I have already used
I plan to use within the next month
I plan to use within the next six months
I will make a note for future use
It is unlikely I will use the ITRC PFAS materials

In relation to the PFAS topics covered in this session, the Roundtable answered

a few of my questions
many of my questions
all of my questions
none of my questions
I did not have any specific questions

Rate the overall effectiveness of the presenters


Additional comments on presenters:

In relation to the PFAS topics covered in this session, please rate the following statements:

Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly Agree

This was an effective way for me to learn

I am better prepared to use the PFAS Guidance

This provided information not available elsewhere

I will share what I learned with colleagues

I am better able to address PFAS issues

The initial presentation was very helpful

What aspects of the Roundtable were not effective for you? (select all that apply)

It was hard to follow along
I did not have sufficient background
There was little to no new information
It was too long
It was too short

Do you have any comments or suggestions for improving future Roundtables?

Which of the following PFAS Roundtable Sessions are you likely to attend? (select all that apply)

Roundtable #4 Topics: Human and Ecological Health Effects, Risk Assessment, Regulations, Risk Communication and Stakeholder Perspectives
No, I do not plan to participate in future PFAS Roundtables

If you have any remaining questions about today's topics, or about any of the upcoming PFAS Roundtable session topics, please let us know.

How did you find out about this course?

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Thank you for participating in an online technology seminar. We hope this was a valuable use of your time.