Andrew Kirkman Andrew Kirkman is the lead LNAPL Technical Specialist for BP America located in Naperville, IL. Andrew joined BP in 2012 and currently supports LNAPL related site remediation, educational advocacy and research efforts. Previously, was the Global LNAPL Technical lead for AECOM Environment. Andrew worked as a consultant at AECOM for 14 years. Andrew focused on characterization and remediation of railroad, manufactured gas plant tie treatment facilities petroleum terminals and refineries in North America as well as Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Europe and United Arab Emirates. Andrew has led and participated in multiple industry advocacy efforts related to LNAPL, these include: 1) chairing the ASTM task group that created the standard for estimation of LNAPL transmissivity and the task group that is revising the ASTM Standard guidance document related to LNAPL Conceptual Site Models and Remediation Strategies; 2) generating publications for Applied NAPL Science Review, American Petroleum Institute, and Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation and; 3) presenting training sessions and technical discussions at regulatory agencies, conferences and for industry on topics such as use of NAPL transmissivity, LNAPL baildown tests, core analyses and laser induced fluorescence technology and improved LNAPL conceptual site models.  Andrew has supported ITRC through publication review and educational materials since 2008 and became an ITRC trainer in 2012. Andrew earned a bachelor's degree in Geology and Geological Engineering from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1998.