Bryn ThomasBryn Thoms is a hydrogeologist with Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's (ODEQ's) Cleanup Program in Eugene, Oregon. Since 1998, Bryn has worked in ODEQ's Cleanup Program with prior experience in environmental consulting. Bryn oversees a variety of cleanup projects including solvent groundwater plumes, legacy pesticide sites, former wood products mill sites, petroleum releases, and abandoned mine lands. His work on abandoned mine lands has led him to assisting on cleanup of mercury mines and artisanal gold mines internationally. In 2015, he became active with ITRC in the Bioavailability of Contaminants in Soil Team as a result of overseeing one of the first ODEQ projects that utilized bioavailability adjustments in human health risk assessment. Bryn helped develop the Decision Section of the Bioavailability Guidance document, where his regulatory experience provided valuable perspective on incorporating bioavailability into the regulatory cleanup process. He has led presentations on assessment and cleanup of mercury and arsenic-contaminated sites to several university geochemistry classes, NGOs, and the Peru Ministry of Environment. Bryn earned a bachelor's degree in geology from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon in 1992. He has been an Oregon registered professional geologist since 1997.