David CatesDavid Cates is a professional engineer with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality in Oklahoma City, OK and has worked for the agency since 1994. David works in many programs within the Land Protection Division, including: Superfund, Voluntary Cleanup, and Brownfields Programs in the capacity as an engineer, geologist, hydrologist, and groundwater modeler. He has been involved in the characterization and remediation of mine influenced water and solid mine waste at a large abandoned lead and zinc mining area known as the Tar Creek Superfund site in northeast Oklahoma. He has been the project manager for the groundwater and surface water operable units at since 1995. David has been active in ITRC since 2002, having participated in the Mine Waste, Constructed Wetlands, and Arsenic in Groundwater teams. Previously, he has worked as a petroleum geologist for several independent oil companies in Oklahoma. David earned bachelor degrees in geology in 1978 and environmental engineering in 1999, and a master’s degree in environmental science in 1993, from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. David is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Oklahoma.