Mike FitzpatrickMike Fitzpatrick is an Environmental Scientist in the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, Corrective Action Programs Branch in Washington, DC. He has been with EPA since 1987 working most recently in the RCRA corrective action program and before that on crude oil and natural gas exploration and production waste issues. Prior to his work at EPA, he was a geologist with the U.S. Department of the Interior for eight years, where he conducted mineral inventories for Federal land in the eastern U.S. and monitored the leasing and mining of subsurface Federal mineral rights. Since 2004, Mike has been a member of the ITRC Ecological Reuse team. He earned a bachelor's degree in physical geography (with a minor in botany) from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland in 1976 and a master's degree in geology from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1980.