Gail Lipfert Gail Lipfert is a Certified Environmental Hydrogeologist in the Technical Services Division of the Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management at the Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection (MEDEP), in Augusta, Maine. She has worked for the State of Maine since 2007. Her current work involves technical oversight of remediation and monitoring of DOD-related and other contaminated sites within the State of Maine. Analysis and interpretation of long-term geochemical data is a major part of her job. Another key aspect of her job is providing statistical advice for others within the MEDEP. Gail has contributed to the Groundwater Statistics and Monitoring Compliance ITRC team since 2011. Gail earned a bachelor’s in geology in 1997, a master’s in earth science in 1999, and a Ph.D. in earth sciences in 2006 all from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine. Gail is also a Certified Geologist with the State of Maine Board of Geologists and Soil Scientists.