John N. DoughertyJohn N. Dougherty is a senior hydrogeologist at CDM Smith in Edison, New Jersey. Since joining CDM Smith in 1999, John has developed extensive experience applying a range of site characterization tools and drilling methods to the hydrogeologic characterization of groundwater contamination at fractured bedrock sites in New York, New Jersey, Kansas, Puerto Rico, and Massachusetts. At these sites, John applies site characterization tools including borehole geophysical logs (e.g. caliper, natural gamma, formation resistivity, fluid temperature and conductivity, and heat pulse flow meter), FLUTe transmissivity profiling, matrix diffusion sampling, and passive flux meters. John uses software to analyze geophysical logs, develop cross sections, and prepare stereo nets, to develop a conceptual groundwater flow model and design monitoring wells. In 2015 John worked with the US EPA Office of Research and Development and the University of Florida to test the Fractured Rock Passive Flux Meter (FRPFM), which is a new tool for characterizing mass flux/mass discharge in fractured rock, and was the principal author of the project report. John has also worked on water supply projects in Tanzania and Saudi Arabia which also utilized borehole geophysical tools. Since 2014 John has been a member of the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council “Characterization and Remediation in Fractured Rock” team currently developing guidance and training for fractured rock site characterization and remediation. John earned a bachelor's degree in geosciences from The Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA in 1983. John is a Professional Geologist in Arkansas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.