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We would like to receive any feedback you might have that would make this service more valuable.
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Do you feel informed about green and sustainable remediation terminology?


Could you apply GSR concepts to your remediation program/projects?


Can you explain what the ITRC GSR framework is?


Do you know where to find additional tools and resources to conduct a GSR evaluation?


I understand the GSR concept and national initiative:

Very well; I feel I have an expert grasp of current GSR concepts
Adequately; Well enough to begin employing GSR at my sites
Somewhat; I need to research GSR further
Basically; I need further instruction/information
Not at all; I am no better equipped to apply GSR concepts than prior to this training.

How useful was the content that was presented today?

extremely useful
very useful
somewhat useful
not useful

Rate the effectiveness of the presenters overall?


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List three important things you learned from this training

What is one thing you plan to do differently as a result of this training?

This type of training is valuable to our agency/organization/company and I will encourage colleagues to participate in future ITRC training opportunities

somewhat agree
somewhat disagree

What suggestions do you have for improving this training?

How did you find out about this course?

EPA's TechDirect e-mail
ITRC e-mail
ITRC Web site (
CLU-IN Web site (

If you answered "other," how did you find out about this course?

To meet my needs for documented continuing education, ITRC's Internet-based training class would have to:

Include attendance verification
Have a test at the end of the training class
Formally provide CEUs accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education
ITRC classes already meet my needs for documented continuing education
Documented continuing education is not important to me

Would a classroom training course on this topic be valuable to your organization?

yes, longer than two-day course
yes, one- two-day course
yes, one-day or less course

Today's training introduced the ITRC document "Green and Sustainable Remediation: A Practical Framework" (GSR-2, 2011). How likely are you to use this document?

I've already downloaded the documents
I plan to download a copy of the documents from the "Links" page immediately
I will make a note of the document locations on for future use
If I find a need for the documents, I will refer back to my notes later
It is unlikely I will refer to the documents

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Thank you for participating in an online technology seminar. We hope this was a valuable use of your time.