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ITRC Radiation Risk Assessment: Updates and Tools
Sponsored by: Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council
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May 15, 2007, 2:00 PM - 4:15 PM, EDT (18:00-20:15 GMT)

Presentation Overview:

The Radionuclides Team of ITRC has developed a document, Determining Cleanup Goals at Radioactively Contaminated Sites: Case Studies (RAD-2, 2002), that examines the factors influencing the variations in cleanup level development at various radioactively contaminated sites. This document underscores the need for radiation risk assessment training to enhance consistency in risk assessment application. The document also acknowledges the differences between the 'dose approach' used at some sites and EPA's 'risk-based approach'. Since most radioactively contaminated DOE and DOD sites are developing cleanup goals under CERCLA authority, there is a need for a training course that clarifies the variations between these approaches and elaborates on the methodology used to develop risk-based remediation goals. To meet this need, this training course has been collaboratively developed by the ITRC Radionuclides Team and EPA's Superfund Office. The focus of this training is EPA's new radiation risk assessment tools, which can facilitate better decision making for accelerated cleanups.

The training consists of 4 modules with the following specific purposes:

  1. Regulatory Background & Case Studies: Provide an overview of the regulatory requirements for cleanup of radioactive waste;

  2. Existing Practices in Radiation Risk Assessment: Clarify differences between existing radiation risk assessment practices (dose and risk-based approaches) and provide updates;

  3. Use of Radiation PRG Calculator: Explain how to use EPA's new Risk-based PRG- and ARAR Dose-calculators for radionuclides; and

  4. Case Study Application for PRG Calculator: Demonstrate site-specific challenges in application of tools.

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