Dr. Burden is a hydrologist with NRMRL's Ground Water and Ecosystem Restoration Division (GWERD). As Director of EPA's Ground Water Technical Support Center (GWTSC), Dr. Burden coordinates a multi-disciplinary Technology Support Team, which provides assistance to the EPA Regions, Headquarters, states, and other federal agencies on issues and technologies related to ground-water remediation, protection, and restoration. In addition, Dr. Burden is Director of EPA's nationally recognized Center for Subsurface Modeling Support (CSMoS) and manages GWERD's Geographic Information System (GIS). Dr. Burden's research interests include the application and integration of ground-water flow models, GIS, and decision support systems. Dr. Burden is currently a co-principal investigator on an ecosystem restoration project in the Yakima River Basin in the State of Washington, which involves estimating the likelihood of elevated nitrate concentrations in ground water and developing a GIS application to show the results.

B.S. Biology, Harding University, AR 1980 M.S. Soil Physics, Louisiana State University, 1985
Ph.D. Soil Chemistry, Louisiana State University, 1989