Dominique Darmendrail is the Head of BRGM's Environment and Process Division. She is also a member of the Steering Group for the European research project CLARINET (Contaminated Land Risk Network) where she is particularly concerned with water protection work. She was also scientific advisor in several national, European and international working groups (e.g. Metaleurop commission, Tchernobyl Commission, ADEME funding commission, evaluation of research proposals for DG Research, NICOLE, etc.). In November 2007, Ms. Darmendrail became advisor to the Directorate General of BRGM on management and rehabilitation of contaminated land. In September 2008, she became the secretary general of the Common Forum on Contaminated Land in Europe (, European network of contaminated land policy experts and advisors created in 1994. In May 2010, she was nominated as European Affairs representative within BRGM.