Philippe DeklevaPhilippe Dekleva received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1987 and his M.S in Materials Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1992. He has over 23 years of experience in product development in both the aerospace and medical instrumentation industries. He is a founding member of MicroChemica, LLC as well as a founding member and lead engineer of Advanced MicroLabs, LLC which has recently been acquired by a top analytical instrumentation company. His work with microfluidics has resulted in two patents: Fluidic and Electrical Interface for Microfluidic Chips, and Microfluidic Interface for a Microchip. He is also a co-author published in the trade journal Power Plant Chemistry: On-Line Monitoring of Chloride and Sulfate in the Steam Cycle with a New Analytical Technique. Prior companies include Parker Hannifin Aerospace, NASA, Dako, and Colorado Medtech, an engineering consulting firm specializing in medical devices and instrumentation. His project/product experience includes gas turbine fuel system design, managed custom applications for flow cytometry instrumentation and was part of a team to develop a fully automated immunoassay instrument.