Norman R. Francingues Mr. Norman R. Francingues retired from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in 2002 with over thirty years of federal civil service. He is the recipient of the U.S. Army Engineer Association Bronze Order of the de Fluery Medal and the U.S. Army Meritorious Civilian Service Award from the Chief of Engineers. Mr. Francingues worked for the USACE as a senior technical advisor to national and international agencies on the environmental engineering aspects of navigation and hazardous waste projects. He was technical leader for the development of innovative dredging technologies for the USACE Dredging Operations and Environmental Research (DOER) Program.

Mr. Francingues is a graduate of Mississippi State University with degrees in Civil Engineering (BS ’69) and Environmental Engineering (MS ’71). He is a member of the International Navigation Association, Western Dredging Association, and Charter Member of the Mississippi State University Chapter of Chi Epsilon, an Honorary Civil Engineering Fraternity.

Mr. Francingues has been a member of International Navigation Association (PIANC) since 1985. He was Chairman of PIANC Working Group PTC1-17, “Handling and Treatment of Contaminated Sediments in Ports and Waterways,” author of PIANC Technical Brief, “Management of Contaminated Sediments,” and Senior Advisor to PIANC Headquarters on dredging and management of contaminated dredged material.

Mr. Francingues has been an instructor for the EPA Sediment Remediation Courses taught in 2005 and 2006. He is currently serving on the National Academy of Sciences’ NRC Committee on Sediment Dredging at Superfund Megasites.

Mr. Francingues is an independent engineering consultant developing solutions for contaminated sediment and is currently affiliated with OA Systems Corporation, BIOLOGGE AS, and DET Norske Veritas AS.