Stephanie Lyn KoehneMs. Koehne has more than fourteen years of experience in technical and managerial hydrology and environmental consulting. Ms. Koehne's experience includes site characterization involving pesticides, chlorinated solvents, hazardous substances, and petroleum products; groundwater monitoring and sampling; indoor air quality sampling, active soil gas sampling; soil sampling and lithologic logging; remediation techniques including soil vapor extraction, in situ air sparging, and oxygen releasing compounds; reporting on remediation activities; and preparation, assembling, and oversight of state assurance fund applications.

Her consulting experience has included private sector markets such as industrial and petroleum, as well as Federal and Municipal. She has regulatory experience with CERCLA, RCRA, and various State regulations. Ms. Koehne has acted as the project accountant and client manager for numerous site investigation and remediation projects. Responsibilities included project planning, project costing, scheduling, schedule management, and tracking of the project's financial status and project re-planning.