Paul L. Bishop, Ph.D.Dr. Paul L. Bishop is Associate Dean of Engineering for Research and Graduate Studies and is the Herman Schneider Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Bishop received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and his M.S. and Ph.D. from Purdue University in environmental engineering. He has over 32 years experience in university teaching, wastewater research and environmental consulting. He has previously served as a department head at both the University of New Hampshire and the University of Cincinnati. He has directed over $13 million of environmental research and is the author or co-author of five textbooks and over 350 technical publications. He is also an associate editor of several international research journals. He is a Past President of the Association of Environmental Engineering Professors, is a Registered Professional Engineer, a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (AAEE). Currently, he is Chair of the U.S.A. National Council of the International Water Association (IWA), is a member of the IWA Strategic Council, and is serving a second term on the Board of Trustees of AAEE. He is the co-director of the University of Cincinnati Superfund Basic Research Program.

Dr. Bishop's research interests include biological treatment of hazardous wastes using biofilms, contaminated soil bioremediation, development of environmental microsensors, solidification/stabilization of hazardous wastes, and pollution prevention technologies.