Carole received her B.S. in Microbiology from University of Michigan and her Ph.D. in Experimental Pathology from Northwestern University and. In that capacity, Carole provided human health risk assessment assistance to Superfund, the Great Lakes National Program Office and other regional clients. In 1992 Carole became Region 5's RCRA risk assessor, and with support from ORD, coordinated the first indirect exposure risk assessment performed for an incinerator. Subsequent projects in the Region's Office of Strategic Environmental analysis group included Environmental Justice work, a cumulative hazard project in the greater Chicago area and technical assistance for EPA's projects in Poland and the Baltic States. From 1988-2002 Carole also coordinated and facilitated both risk assessment training and risk communication training for the Region, and as requested for State and local partners. In 1995 she was detailed to ORD's Office of Science Policy for three months to work on the Risk Characterization Guidelines. Following the adoption of her children Carole took a hiatus from EPA starting in 2002 and returned to EPA in 2009 as the Region 5 RSL.