Dr. Susan M. Cormier is a senior scientist with the USEPA Office of Research and Development. Before joining the USEPA, she was an assistant professor at Vassar College, NY and then at the University of Louisville, KY. Dr. Cormier received her BA from the University of New Hampshire, her MS from the University of South Florida, and her Ph.D. from Clark University of Worcester, MA with stints at the Marine Biological Laboratories of Woods Hole, Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory, Jamaica, and the Bermuda Biological Station for Research. She has authored more than eighty peer reviewed publications and has been a regular presenter and workshop instructor at National SETAC meetings since the 1980Ős. She has made substantive contributions to the development of methods for biocriteria, non-chemical criteria, condition assessment, and ecological risk assessment. Dr. Cormier co-led the development of the USEPA Stressor Identification Guidance for the Agency and the CADDIS website. She believes that caring about the environment is not enough and that you also have to care enough to try to do the right things.