Connie Travers Constance Travers is a hydrogeologist with 17 years of experience in hydrogeology, water resources, and environmental chemistry. She has extensive experience in the development, testing, and application of numerical models used in predicting the mobility of water and inorganic and organic contaminants in the subsurface, as well as in surface water. Ms. Travers has developed vadose zone, surface water, and groundwater models ranging in complexity from conceptual hydrologic models to 3-dimensional numerical models of regional flow systems. Her expertise in groundwater flow, contaminant chemistry, and transport and fate processes has been used extensively by litigation teams involved in environmental lawsuits. At sites throughout the United States, Ms. Travers has worked on subsurface fate and transport issues to support site characterization, remedial investigations, and feasibility studies. She has assessed the mobility of free-phase petroleum and dissolved petrochemical constituents at sites in Washington, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Colorado, Texas, and Nevada. At sites in Oregon and Florida, she has evaluated the migration and fate of pesticides in soils and groundwater as part of the assessment and selection of remedial alternatives. Ms. Travers has directed multidisciplinary teams to assess the water quality impacts of mining operations, including assessment of the water quality and ecological risks associated with the lakes that form in dewatered open pits, the effects of tailings impoundments and waste rock storage facilities on receiving waters, and the impact of mine dewatering on groundwater and surface water resources. She has managed hydrologic field investigations including sampling of surface water, sediments, and groundwater; monitoring well installation; cone-penetrometer; and Geoprobe work.