Dr. Stephen R. DentDr. Stephen (Steve) R. Dent is a staff engineer/scientist in the technical services unit (TSU) at CDM Smith. In this role, he provides technical support for several Superfund Sites in EPA Regions 9 and 10. In 2013 Dr. Dent was invited to give a talk at the EPA Region 9 workshop Mercury Remediation for Aquatic Environments which was also broadcast as an international webinar. Prior to CDM Smith, Steve was a research assistant at Washington State University (WSU), where he pursued and received a PhD in Civil Engineering. The focus of Steve's dissertation was evaluating the effects of lake and reservoir treatments and management strategies on the cycling of metals in aquatic ecosystems. During his tenure at WSU, Steve constructed and maintained a trace mercury analytical laboratory. He received his bachelors and masters degrees in Environmental Engineering from Montana Tech of the University of Montana, where he investigated the flux of mercury from remote forest areas. Steve has several publications relating to mercury and lake assessments as well as educational outreach.