Bruce DuncanBruce Duncan is Senior Ecologist with EPA Region 10's Office of Environmental Assessment. He provides ecological risk assessment support to the Region (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington), evaluating risk from releases of hazardous waste in all media as well as risks from proposed or permitted wastewater discharges. This involves both exposure and toxicity assessments from fish food to charismatic species. He has been supported the NIEHS Superfund Research conducted by Texas A&M University, where he is adjunct faculty member with the School of Rural Public Health in the Health Science Center. Dr. Duncan also serves as the current chair of the Science Panel that provides advice to the State of Washington Dept of Ecology under their Model Toxics Control Act. He recently completed a four month detail at EPA HQ in DC assisting with EPA's new Urban Waters Initiative that seeks to revitalize distressed communities and connect them to nearby water bodies. Additional national interests include guidance for using population growth rate and other population metrics in ecological risk assessments. Aside from a range of Superfund Site risk assessments, he has taken on the role to provide Science Support for Climate Change Adaptation in Region 10.