Wendell P. ElaProfessor Wendell Ela received his MS and Ph.D. from Stanford University and joined the faculty in Chemical and Environmental Engineering at The University of Arizona in 1998. He has been a P.I. for NIEHS Superfund Research Program projects for ten years and has a particular interest in understanding the post-disposal behavior and impacts of residues from water treatment technologies. He currently has research groups working on assessment and improved management of arsenic-bearing water treatment residuals; enhanced water recovery and benign concentrate disposal for inland, potable water desalination; measurement, impact assessment, and treatment of persistent organic contaminants, particularly endocrine disrupting and flame retardant chemicals, in water, wastewater and treatment residuals; and development of metrics, technologies and strategies that facilitate preventative environmental engineering. In August of 2009, he was co-chair/organizer of a specialty workshop sponsored by NIEHS entitled, Superfund Contaminants: The Next Generation, which brought together a select group of interdisciplinary experts to develop a roadmap for how NIEHS-SRP might avoid the creation of another generation of Superfund hazardous waste sites. His teaching focuses on water and wastewater treatment processes, advanced water remediation engineering, and remedial process feasibility for hazardous waste site clean-up.