John is a Project Manager at CL:AIRE. He has over 9 years' professional environmental experience from his time at consultancy and CL:AIRE. This covers commercially undertaking site investigations; risk assessments; modelling; and remediation of contaminated land and contributing to remediation project facilitation and review for various projects relating to the management and remediation of contaminated land. Projects involvement at CL:AIRE has involved participating on Steering Group's for Research Projects and bringing commercial Technology Demonstration Projects through for evaluation and dissemination.

John was a work package leader in the 1 Million Euro EC funded EURODEMO project, involving 21 organisations from 13 Member States, which aimed to co-ordinate and promote remediation technology innovation potential throughout Europe. As part of the EURODEMO Project John researched and wrote European status reports on: "Existing and Recent Projects for Remediation Technology Demonstration"; and "Guidelines for Setting up, Executing and Reporting on Demonstration Projects".

The EURODEMO work package John led also included designing and implementing an on-line database of remediation experience based on user requirements which included: technical research, understanding and categorisation; leading workshops to ascertain user requirements; leading workshops to gain feedback on functionality and refinement; and liaison and drafting specification with website programmers to realise the final database (

John has gained particular knowledge of remediation technology verification and led a series of UK workshops and was lead author of the study "Environmental Technology Verification: A Study of the UK Environmental Sector's Perspectives on Environmental Technology Verification (ETV and the Proposed European Scheme)" working alongside Environmental Knowledge Transfer Network.

Presently John has been working on the Defra tender: "Contaminated Land Remediation" where he has been particularly focussing on sustainability assessment criteria for remediation technologies and providing an example framework for qualitatively evaluating all suitable sustainability criteria to inform remediation technology selection decision making.

John undertook CL:AIRE's 2005 and 2007 UK Remediation Practice Surveys, and has written numerous magazine and articles on land remediation technologies for publications such as Civil Engineering Yearbook, Waste Management Yearbook and the Environmental Industries Commission's Yearbooks.

John has sat on Steering Groups for the following UK-wide research projects: PROMISE: Development of an In Situ Aquifer Assessment Tool with Risk Management Calculator for Natural Attenuation (2004-2007); Optimising Biopile Processes for Weathered Hydrocarbons within a Risk Management Framework (2005 - 2008); Increased Acceptability of On-Site Measurement by Estimation and Reduction of Uncertainty (2006 - 2009); and most recently the Scotland & Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research's "Communicating Understanding of Contaminated Land" Guidance booklet (SNIFFER 2010).

John has presented aurally to UKTI Inward Investment Missions, MPs, at workshops throughout the UK and at the major conference/exhibitions Consoil and SustainabilityLive.

Present routine project work undertaken includes peer-review appraisals, attending and contributing to steering group meetings, advising and assisting with project outputs, general project facilitation such as partner/site finding and financial control.

John has also led CL:AIRE's communications team for a year which included responsibility for running and updating, launching CL:AIRE Membership and running CL:AIRE's 10th Anniversary showcase events.