Hi my name is Rashmi Mathur and I have been an RPM in EPA Region 3 for eleven years. I have a B.A. in Chemistry and a M.S. in Interdisciplinary Science with an Environmental Science focus from Johns Hopkins University. I serve as one of the EPA Region 3 Representative of the National Association for Remedial Project Managers. As an RPM I have dealt with large fund lead sites such as Sharon Steel and Ordnance Products with multiple contaminants such as metals, organics, and explosives, and Responsible Party sites with complex groundwater contamination and vapor intrusion issues such as Spectron and Resin Disposal sites. I have incorporated ecological aspects in many of my designs at sites including wetlands and vegetative swales at the Jacks Creek and Sharon Steel Site. At the Sharon Steel Site EPA finished phase one and two of this fund lead multi-media remedial investigation on this four hundred acre Site. EPA RPM and BTAG came up with an innovative cost effective technology to utilize a vegetative biosolid cap at the Sharon Steel Site which will save EPA $16 million versus the traditional soil cap. Presently I am finishing a detail in the Brownfields and Land Revitilization Branch in EPA Region 3 where there is a new focus on green remediation and I am helping to organize green remediation and site reuse conference with many private, state and federal partners in my region and establishing a green remediation benchmark with RPM's in Region 3 .