Miranda MaupinMiranda Maupin is a Senior Associate and Manager of E2 Inc.'s Community Planning and Design Team, which provides technical support and collaborative design processes to communities as they generate and evaluate options for local and regional land use planning, resource restoration and conservation, and revitalization initiatives for environmentally impaired properties. Ms. Maupin has over eleven years of experience in using community-based design charrette methods for challenging and controversial sites. She is recognized for her expertise in leading multidisciplinary teams and collaborative stakeholder design processes to resolve complex environmental and development conflicts. Her win-win solutions integrate regulatory requirements, technical issues and design goals for public agencies, communities and private investors. For example, at the High Point urban housing redevelopment project in Seattle, Ms. Maupin facilitated a multi-stakeholder team to resolve conflicts between developer interests, neighborhood goals, and environmental performance. The project has won numerous awards and was featured in the PBS Lost and Found series as a national example of urban sustainability. Ms. Maupin is a recipient of the Harvard Business School Excellence in Government Award.