Dr. Charles A. Menzie Dr. Charles A. Menzie is a Principal Scientist and Director of Exponent's EcoSciences practice. His primary area of expertise is the environmental fate and effects of physical, biological, and chemical stressors on terrestrial and aquatic systems. He is recognized as one of the leaders in the field of risk assessment and was awarded the Risk Practitioner Award by the Society for Risk Analysis for which he is also an elected Fellow. He has served on the Council of SRA and the World Council of SETAC, the two major professional organizations in this field. Dr. Menzie has led numerous peer reviews for industry and for government. He has taken the lead in developing guidance documents for industry and government and has focused on methods that are workable and acceptable to a broad range of parties. He was one of the committee members to draft the ASTM Standard for risk-based corrective action (RBCA) for chemical release sites and extended that standard to ecological considerations. Dr. Menzie's expertise in chemical transport and fate includes organochlorine compounds (e.g., PCBs, dioxins, many pesticides), PAHs, benzene and other light aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated volatile compounds (e.g., TCE and PCE), phthalate esters, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals (e.g., arsenic, cadmium, lead, vanadium, nickel, and zinc), and cyanide compounds. He has published extensively in peer-review journals on ecological risk and bioavailability. Dr. Menzie is the co-developer of SediMite, an in-situ treatment system for sediments. Field demonstrations involving SediMite are currently underway under NIEHS, ESTCP, and industry programs.