John Joseph Roberts - Niemann I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Computer Science. Previously, I helped design and create the Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) GIS software for the U of Tennessee through a partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the USEPA Region 5. I am currently the lead tester and trainer for the Rapid Assessment Tools (RAT) and work closely with its developers and its primary EPA users.

I have a strong background dealing with all types of software and hardware that are associated with information technologies and data management. With the USEPA I have been on the cutting edge of technology dealing with field data collection and GIS analysis. Using a variety of GIS tools (ArcView, ArcGIS, FIELDS, SADA) I have created sample designs, analyzed data, and performed statistics for trend analysis and remediation scenarios associated with EPA emergency responses and long term super fund sites. I have also experienced the hardships that come with trying to use computers and advanced technology out in the real world environment through field data collection and analysis with Region 5 Superfund.