Sean Sheldrake Mr. Sheldrake has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and has been with EPA Region 10 since 1992. In his tenure with the Agency, he has been one of the project managers for one of the largest mining cleanup in the United States, in northern Idaho, for over 8 years. As part of this work, Mr. Sheldrake oversaw the review of the effectiveness of residential cleanup which was one of the first in the U.S. to clearly demonstrate the positive impact of cleanup on children. Mr. Sheldrake has also served for over three years on the Lead Site Workgroup, the national EPA project manager work group charged with writing national guidance on how mining site cleanup and lead risk should be approached, and peer review of mining site cleanup plans. For the last six years, Mr. Sheldrake has been managing in-water early action efforts in Portland Harbor including those at GASCO, Arkema, and Port of Portland Terminal 4.

Mr. Sheldrake’s other duties include being a deputy dive safety officer and dive medic for EPA Region 10’s dive team. In conducting diving activities at hazardous waste sites for EPA, he has helped to develop and implement polluted water sampling and survey techniques since 1997, as well as decontamination protocols. In addition to Region 10 work, Mr. Sheldrake helped to organize the underwater search effort for the Columbia Shuttle for EPA in conjunction with ERT and Region 7, the Navy, and other public safety diving teams. Mr. Sheldrake has also worked extensively on groundwater plume characterization as well as in situ and pump and treat system analysis involving chromium.