Michael F. SoleckiEDUCATION:

GRADUATE STUDIES: West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Geology (Physical) and Earth Science, 1987; Navy Post-Graduate School Correspondence Atmosphere and Marine Physics, 1981-85

UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES: University of the State of New York, Biology and Geology (Environmental) Bachelor of Science, 1986; Delaware Technical and Community College, Fire Protection Engineering Associates of Applied Science, 1976; Widner University, Social Sciences (General Studies) Associates of Science, 1974


Mr. Solecki has extensive field and laboratory experience including that of an Enforcement Officer and Federal On-Scene Coordinator. His experience has encompassed all aspects of emergency/environmental response, enforcement, contingency planning and remediation techniques. He served as an incident commander on several major spill releases, including those of national significance. His response career began as a firefighter in 1970. In 1976 while a State Code/Law Enforcement Officer and Fire Investigator for the State of Tennessee began teaching Fire Protection and Prevention Sciences part-time at the University of Tennessee. After developing a new curriculum/research program he became a full-time instructor and the program head. He was a member of the NFPA/Safety to Life Committee, Board of Directors of the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting and the Tennessee State HAZMAT Team also served as a consultant for industry, railroads and law firms in matters of fire prevention and protection and incident investigation.

Mr. Solecki entered active naval service in 1981, where he was trained in meteorology, atmospheric and marine physics and oceanography. Stationed in Suitland, Maryland, he provided Special Warfare Intelligence briefs for environmental consequence issues concerning conventional and non-conventional weapons to Fleet Commanders and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as needed assigned to "Mobile Environmental Teams." These overseas assignments were to acquire and evaluate on-site environmental intelligence.

In 1987, Mr. Solecki transferred to NOAA/HAZMAT as an Atmospheric/Marine Physical Scientist and assigned as the liaison to the EPA/Environmental Response Team (ERT), Edison, NJ. His duties included the development and field testing of air dispersion and other environmental models being developed by NOAA. He also field tested prototype atmospheric sampling and field portable analytical instrumentation and provided technical assistance to the EPA/ERT in those areas, as well as weather and marine trajectory and fire and explosion consequence modeling. Other duties included oversight and technical assistance to On-Scene Coordinators, Remedial Project Managers and universities on related R&D grants. He was also the executive officer and dive safety officer to the EPA/ERT Dive Team.

Mr. Solecki transferred to the EPA/R2/Response and Prevention Branch in 1993 as an On-Scene Coordinator and assigned to the Oil Programs Section. During that time his primary duties included Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) enforcement, coordinate removals and response to oil and hazardous materials spills and releases. From 1996 to the present, Mr. Solecki is assigned to the Technical Support Section where his SPCC duties where exchanged for 112r duties.

Throughout Mr. Solecki's EPA career, he has been serving on workgroups of Area Committees, developing Area Contingency Plans and being Liaison to the Captains of the Ports of Philadelphia and New York. Mr. Solecki continues to coordinate removals at Oil Pollution Act, Superfund and non-Superfund sites. Within "NIMS-ICS" structure Mr. Solecki is a "Resource Unit Leader" and a "Demobilization Unit Leader" and on the Area Maritime Incident Response Team serves as an agency representative and Strike Team Leader. He serves as an instructor for the Marine Firefighter Technician, Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Team Leader and Maritime Incident Command System certification programs.