Susan Thorneloe is Senior Chemical Engineer with EPA's Office of Research and Development. She has over 24 years with EPA and has been responsible for more than 120 EPA publications. She has led the application of life-cycle assessment in providing a more holistic approach to environmental management. Susan has been awarded over 22 EPA awards including 5 Bronze medals for her leadership and innovation in finding more efficient and effective solutions to environmental management. Susan's research includes evaluating landfill gas emissions and control. She is responsible for EPA's Landfill Gas Emission Model and guidance for evaluating emissions and controls. Currently, Susan is working on an update to EPA's landfill gas emission factors which is to be released later this year. Susan's research also includes evaluating the fate of mercury and other metals in coal combustion residues resulting from implementation of multi-pollutant control technology at coal-fired power plants. Susan has led the development of several decision support tools (DSTs) including the municipal solid waste DST and a suite of Homeland Security DSTs for managing disaster-generated waste and debris. Susan's focus in today's seminar is quantifying emissions from superfund landfills for evaluating control options through either flaring or methane utilization.