Guy TomassoniGuy A. Tomassoni. received his B.S. in Geology from University of Maryland and his M.S. in Engineering Geology (focus on hydrogeology) from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Since 1992, Guy has been employed in the RCRA Corrective Action Program in the Office of Solid Waste at the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA), and is a recognized national expert in cleanup-related policies, with a particular emphasis on ground water issues. Just some of the efforts Guy has been involved with include the recently updated Handbook of Ground Water Protection and Cleanup Policies for RCRA Corrective Action, a two-year training effort on results-based project management, monitored natural attenuation directive, Comprehensive State Ground Water Protection Programs (CSGWPPs) guidance, presumptive remedies, and technical impracticability. Most recently, Guy has been focusing on new outcome-oriented measures for ground water cleanups, and on developing cross-program training for management and staff in water protection and waste cleanup programs. Guy is currently a member of Ground Water Task Force. Prior to joining EPA, Guy was involved with RCRA and CERCLA cleanups as an environmental consultant and working for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.