James WilkinsonJames Wilkinson is a Senior Associate with more than ten years of experience in Superfund redevelopment, land use and environmental planning, and community involvement and collaborative decision-making processes. Mr. Wilkinson has led land revitalization projects at 30 Superfund sites across the country. Mr. Wilkinson served as a researcher, planner, project manager, and facilitator at these sites. Mr. Wilkinson has also served as a lead trainer for Superfund redevelopment and CPRC charrette trainings at EPA Headquarters and in EPA Regions 4, 5, 7 and 10. Mr. Wilkinson developed support materials for these trainings, and has developed EPA reports focused on alternative energy, land conservation, the agricultural reuse of contaminated lands, and the reuse of abandoned mine lands. Mr. Wilkinson has recently researched and written case studies focused on ownership, liability, and reuse issues at Superfund sites in Texas and Ohio, as well as the ecological revitalization of contaminated lands. Mr. Wilkinson recently worked with EPA Region 4 to develop an updated approach to community involvement plans for the Region's National Priorities List sites.