Mr. Wright is a Senior Munitions Response Geophysicist with CH2M HILL. He has over 25 years experience in airborne, ground, and marine geophysics. Mr. Wright has spent the last 14 years adapting geophysical techniques to the UXO detection/discrimination problem. During this time he played a lead technical role in the development and demonstration of the original Naval Research Laboratory airborne MTADS UXO detection system; developed the first dual mode, Mag/EM hand-held sensor; and was instrumental in the design and successful demonstration of the Marine Towed Array (MTA) underwater UXO detection system. The former two projects won project of the year awards for their respective sponsors. Mr. Wright currently is the technical lead for CH2M HILL’s Geophysical Classification technology development and is engaged with ESTCP in the development of formalized quality management procedures for Geophysical Classification.

Mr. Wright received his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree from the University of Guelph in 1984.