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CLU-IN Studio
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Getting Started in Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
Sponsored by: U.S. EPA Office of Wetlands, Oceans, & Watersheds, Watershed Academy
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Throughout the world, trained volunteers provide an invaluable service: monitoring and providing data on the quality of rivers, streams, lakes, estuaries, and wetlands. This session will provide a primer on starting a volunteer water quality program. Instructors will discuss key steps to follow, questions to ponder, examples of success stories, and where the best resources are for further information. They will also introduce a tiered approach to ensure the best use of volunteer-collected data. The data use tiers are defined by the purpose of the program, the intended use of its data, and the intended data users. Also, learn about World Water Monitoring Day, celebrated every October to raise awareness about the importance of water quality monitoring (

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