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CLU-IN Studio
United States Environmental Protection Agency Technology Innovation Program U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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I. Today's Presentation and References View Download
Download Today's Seminar For Future Reference view/download  
II. Additional Information View Download
Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance (SADA) Home Page view/download  
SADA Help File Topics view/download  
SADA Version 4.1 User Guide   view/download
SADA Undergraduate Environmental Science Computer Lab Applications view/download  
Case Study: Use of a Decision Support Tool: Using FIELDS and SADA to Develop Contour Maps of Contaminant Concentrations and Estimate Removal Volumes for Cleanup of Soil at the Marino Brothers Scrapyard Site, Rochester Borough, Pennsylvania   view/download
Case Study: Marino Brothers Scrapyard, Pennsylvania Brownfields Site   view/download
NAS Lemoore Site 14 Triad Investigation   view/download
Triad Characterization of Soil Contamination at Former Small Arms Training Ranges   view/download
Case Study for the Use of a Decision Support Tool: Using SADA to Guide Contaminated Soil Removal at the Barker Chemical Company Site, Inglis, Florida   view/download
III. Rebroadcast of Other Internet Seminars and Training Opportunities View Download
See the CLU-IN Studio for announcements of upcoming seminars and the archives of past seminars view/download  
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