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I. Systematic Planning View Download
Download Today's Seminar For Future Reference view/download  
Technical Project Planning (TPP) Process, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Guidance for the Data Quality Objectives Process—EPA 600-R-96-055
Data Quality Objectives Process for Hazardous Waste Site Investigations EPA QA/G-4HW—EPA 600-R-00-007
Guidance for Data Quality Assessment: Practical Methods for Data Analysis EPA QA/G-9 (QA00 Update)—EPA 600-R-96-084
Guidance on Quality Assurance Project Plans—EPA 600-R-98-018
Guidance for the Data Quality Objectives Process for Hazardous Waste Sites view/download  
DOE Hanford DQO Web Page view/download  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory DQO Web Page view/download  
Quality Assurance Guidance for Conducting Brownfields Site Assessments—EPA 540-R-98-038 view/download  
A Rationale for the Assessment of Errors in the Sampling of Soils—EPA 600-R-90-013
II. Dynamic Workplans View Download
A Guideline for Dynamic Workplans and Field Analytics: The Keys to Cost-Effective Site Characterization and Cleanup
[includes 18-minute video]
A Dynamic Site Investigation: Adaptive Sampling and Analysis Program for Operable Unit 1 at Hanscom Air Force Base, Bedford, Massachusetts view/download  
University of Connecticut Expedited Site Assessment Reports (for UST sites) view/download  
D6235-98 Standard Practice for Expedited Site Characterization of Vadose Zone and Ground Water Contamination at Hazardous Waste Contaminated Sites
(available from American Society For Testing and Materials)
Ames Laboratory's Environmental Technology Development Program view/download  
Wenatchee Tree Fruit Research Center, Wenatchee, Washington    
Cost and Performance Report: Expedited Characterization and Soil Remediation At the Test Plot Area Wenatchee Tree Fruit Research Center Wenatchee, Washington
Innovations in Site Characterization Case Study: Site Cleanup of the Wenatchee Tree Fruit Test Plot Site Using a Dynamic Work Plan
Remedial Action Management Plan
Work Plan Addendum
Sampling and Analysis Plan Field Sampling Plan - Part B
Quality Assurance Project Plan Sampling and Analysis Plan - Part C
III. On-Site Analysis—Field Analytical Technology Selection View Download
EPA REmediation And CHaracterization Innovative Technologies (EPA REACH IT) view/download  
Field Analytic Technologies Encyclopedia (FATE) view/download  
Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable Field Sampling and Analysis Technologies Matrix and Reference Guide view/download  
EPA Office of Solid Waste SW-846 On-Line view/download  
EPA Region 1 QA Unit Fact Sheet—X-Ray Fluorescence view/download  
EPA Region 1 QA Unit Fact Sheet—Immunoassay Guidelines view/download  
EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program, Site Characterization and Monitoring Technologies Pilot view/download  
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory view/download  
IV. On-Site Analysis—Field Analytical Data Acceptability View  Download 
Clarification Regarding Use of SW-846 Methods view/download  
Using Field Methods — Experiences and Lessons: Defensibility of Field Data
EPA Region 1 QA Unit Fact Sheet—Revised Data Validation Guidance view/download  
V. General Site Characterization Technology Information View Download
Site Characterization and Monitoring Technologies: Bibliography of EPA Information Resources—EPA 542-B-98-003 view/download  
Road Map to Understanding Innovative Technology Options for Brownfields Investigation and Cleanup—EPA 542-B-99-009 view/download  
Tool Kit of Information Resources for Brownfields Investigation and Cleanup—EPA 542-B-99-009 view/download  
Summary of Recent Improvements in Methods for the Study of Contaminated and Potentially Contaminated Sites
OnSite: The On-line Site Assessment Tool view/download  
VI. Rebroadcast of Other Internet Seminars and Training Opportunities View Download
See the CLU-IN Studio for announcements of upcoming seminars and the archives of past seminars view/download  
Subscribe to the TechDirect ListServ and be notified of future Internet seminars view/download  
Field-Based Technologies Training Program
The five-day course covers technologies used for site characterization in the field, planning, and processes for implementing field-based strategies. Field-Based Site Characterization Technologies is an advanced three-day course designed to offer participants a detailed introduction to a wide array of technologies that can be used on site to characterize the chemical and physical nature of a hazardous waste site.

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