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ProUCL Utilization 2020: Part 2: Trend Analysis
Internet Seminar
ProUCL version 5.1.002 (5.1) is the latest update of the ProUCL statistical software package for analysis of environmental data sets with and without nondetect (ND) observations. In the first installment of a three part ProUCL e-learning seminar series, instructors will present the live interactive use of ProUCL v5.1 from initial data loading, all the way through the major steps of statistical data analysis in ProUCL. The second installment will be presenting live interactive use of ProUCL v5.1 focusing specifically on the finer points of regression and trend analysis within the ProUCL software. The final installment will focus mainly on background dataset analysis and associated background threshold value (BTV) comparisons within the ProUCL software.
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