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On August 15-17, 2000, EPA's Office of Solid Waste (OSW) sponsored the Environmental Indicator (EI) Forum. The purpose of the EI Forum was to bring together public and private stakeholders to hear presentations and discuss issues associated with achieving two environmental indicators (EIs) at facilities subject to RCRA Corrective Action. The purpose of the first indicator, called Current Human Exposures Under Control, is to document whether or not humans are currently being exposed to unacceptable levels of contamination. The second indicator, called Migration of Contaminated Groundwater Under Control, is intended to document whether or not contaminated groundwater is currently migrating beyond its outer limits above levels of concern. EPA is using these two indicators to focus resources on near-term risk reduction and controlling the spread of contaminated groundwater. EPA is also using these EIs to track progress for RCRA Corrective Action in response to the Government Performance and Results Act. The EI Forum was divided into the following four segments:

  1. Indoor Air and Vapor Migration
  2. Controls that get to "yes" for the Human EI
  3. Controls that get to "yes" for the Groundwater EI
  4. Groundwater EI evaluations involving discharges of contaminated groundwater into surface water

For those of you who could not join us in Washington D.C., please join us via the web. We have posted the archived audio files of each presentation. Also, when available, we have posted presentations, pictures and biographies of the presenters and abstracts on this site. For most of the presentations, you will be able to view the presenter's slides while listening to the audio from the August 15-17 presentation; several of the presentations only have the audio portion available.

General questions on the web cast should be directed to Guy Tomassoni at Questions regarding the content of the EI Forum should be directed to Henry Schuver at

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