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The training page, with links to registration or archive, Links page, and feedback, for the Incorporating Bioavailability Considerations into the Evaluation of Contaminated Sediment Sites course is available at http://www.clu-in.org/conf/itrc/ConSeds/

Remaining Simulcast Questions and Answers from July 17, 2014

Question 1: Are you going to talk about the difference between bioavailability and relative bioavailability. Bioavailability should not be used in the dose equation because it results in an absorbed dose. An absorbed dose cannot be compared to health guidelines, such as RfD s and MRLs because those health guidelines are administered dose. It is possible to use relative bioavailability in the dose equation if the bioavailability is known in the animal or human study that was used to develop the RfD or MRL.

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