EPA Letterhead

March 24, 1998space


SUBJECT: Guidance for Implementing Superfund Reform Initiative 9a: Risk Sharing


Stephen D. Luftig, Director
Office of Emergency and Remedial Response

Walter W. Kovalick, Jr., Ph.D, Director
Technology Innovation Office

Barry N. Breen, Director
Office of Site Remediation Enforcement


Director, Waste Management Division,
Regions 1, 3, 6, 7
Director, Environmental Services Division,
Regions 1, 6, 7
Director, Emergency & Remedial Response Division,
Region 2
Director, Hazardous Waste Management Division,
Regions 3, 6, 8, 9
Director, Hazardous Waste Division, Region 10
Regional Counsels, Regions 1-10

        Attached is guidance developed to support implementation of Superfund Reform Initiative 9a: Risk Sharing. Under this initiative, EPA agrees to share the risk of implementing innovative remediation technologies which have potential for improved performance and reduced costs. The guidance was distributed for Regional review and comment.

        EPA's potential exposure is limited to 50% of the cost of the innovative remedy if the remedy fails and if subsequent remedial action is required. As a form of underwriting, this initiative is intended to remove a source of reluctance to try innovative approaches. The guidance provides for review by a technical evaluation panel which will approve promising technologies for risk sharing. Since these will generally be technologies with more potential than risk, actual outlays should be limited. Since the purpose of risk sharing is to encourage use of technologies with potential for application across remedial program and regional boundaries, funding for risk sharing will be handled at the national level.

        There is currently one approved risk sharing project underway - a permeable barrier wall technology at the Somersworth, NH Superfund site. We are currently receiving approximately an inquiry a month regarding this initiative. Several projects have proceeded to the discussion stage.




Stephen D. Luftig

Walter W. Kovalick, Jr., Ph.D.

Barry N. Breen

Director, Office of Emergency
and Remedial Response

Director, Technology Innovation Office

Director, Office of Site Remediation Enforcement