Burge Automated Monitoring System
Posted: January 2, 2001

EPA has teamed with the Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence to test the Burge automated ground-water monitoring system. The system is specific for trichloroethene.

The trichloroethene (TCE) automated monitoring system has been installed in a ground-water well for a six month monitoring program to test long-term system viability. A monitoring well with TCE concentrations of approximately 100 micrograms per liter (µg/l) was selected. An air compressor provides pressurized gas. A solar cell provides power to the electrical circuits and air compressor. The monitoring system automatically calibrates the TCE sensor with blank, 30, and 60 µg/l standards prior to the analysis. Split water samples will be periodically collected and sent to a fixed-based laboratory GC/MS. Table 1 compares initial monitoring system and laboratory results.

Specificity of the Burge System
Former Homestead AFB, Florida September 15, 2000

Test Results Confirm:

  1. Direct correlation with laboratory analysis.
  2. Sensitive enough to detect changing trends in TCE concentrations.
  3. Specificity to determine TCE in the presence of other chlorinated hydrocarbons.

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