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Alternative Treatment Technologies to Open Burning and Open Detonation of Energetic Hazardous Wastes Published 2019
The EPA developed and issued this report in response to inquiries that EPA has received regarding whether there are alternative treatment technologies available to use in place of open burning and open detonation (OB/OD) of energetic hazardous waste, also commonly referred to as waste explosives. This report communicates the current state of alternative technologies that may be applicable for energetic hazardous waste including: munitions and explosives; consumer and commercial fireworks; marine, roadside, and signal flares; auto air bag explosives; and hobby rocket propellants. Specifically, it identifies and describes alternative technologies that have been developed and their status, the types of waste munitions or energetics a technology can treat, and where deployments have occurred. Thus, it provides the formative steps for evaluating the efficacy and the pros and cons of the technologies for particular applications.

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