Michael Troyer

Michael TroyerMike works at ORD's National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) in Cincinnati, OH. He is presently the Team Leader of NCEA's Science Assessment Support Team and the Center's representative to EPA's GIS working group. Previously, he was with ORD’s Office of Science Policy in Washington, DC where he managed the scientific review of Agency regulations and policies, assessed the impacts of legislation on EPA’s ecological research efforts, and assisted in planning for the scientific needs of EPA’s program and regional offices. He has over 15 years of experience in advancing ecological and watershed-scale assessments for the Pesticides, Toxics, Superfund, RCRA, and Water programs of EPA, and has produced and contributed to many Agency guidance documents and publications on ecological risk assessment and management. Other highlights of his career include: establishing EPA support for "Partners in Flight: Aves de las Americas" (an international and interagency program to protect migratory birds); working with EPA and other Federal agencies on biodiversity, Endangered Species Act and wetland classification issues; and speaking and publishing on the topics of sustainable development and the integration of human and ecological considerations in environmental assessments. Dr. Troyer holds a Bachelors degree in Zoology from DePauw University, two masters degrees from Indiana University (an M.S. in Environmental Science and a Masters degree in Public Administration specializing in Environmental Management and Policy), and a PhD in Environmental Geography from the University of Cincinnati. His current research focuses on: (1) spatial assessments integrating indicators of both human and ecological well-being (making use of geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies), and (2) assessing landscapes and nonpoint sources of nutrients at multiple spatial scales.

Email address: troyer.michael@epa.gov