Richard Haugland

Richard HauglandDr. Haugland joined the USEPA in 1991 as a microbiologist in the Microbiological & Chemical Exposure Assessment Research Division, National Exposure Research Laboratory, Office of Research and Development. He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology at Muskingum College and a Ph.D. in Developmental Biology at the Ohio State University. His past research has involved a wide variety of biological systems including plants, bacteria and fungi in relation to diverse problems including improvement of nitrogen fixation in crops, degradation of hazardous chemicals in the environment, assessing the quality of indoor environments, and most recently, water quality monitoring. The common thread in all of this work has been the application new molecular technologies to solving these problems. Dr. Haugland has authored or co-authored over 40 journal articles and technical publications in his career, including over 20 since joining the EPA, and has received a number of awards for his work including the EPA bronze and gold medals.

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