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Message #3: May, 1997


This is the third TechDirect message. Since the March 25th message, TechDirect has 346 new subscribers. To those of you new to us, welcome! If you feel the service is valuable, please share the information with your colleagues. If your peers are interested in subscribing to TechDirect, they may do so on the Clean-Up Information (CLU-IN) home page at http://clu-in.org. All TechDirect's previous messages are archived on CLU-IN. Look for TechDirect the first of each month. As always, we welcome your feedback on the usefulness of this service.

Now Available:

Tracking Technologies

Innovative Treatment Technologies: Annual Status Report, Eighth Edition (EPA 542-R-96-010) This report documents the status of planned, ongoing, and completed applications of innovative treatment technologies at Superfund and other sites. It provides a summary listing and analysis of 345 innovative projects at remedial Superfund sites, 33 projects at removal sites, ten projects at RCRA corrective actions (those documented in Statements of Basis), and 33 at non-NPL federal agency sites. This edition also contains an updated list, as of summer 1996, of the 43 on-site incineration projects planned, ongoing, or completed at Superfund remedial sites [March 1997, 91 pages]. Hard copies, contact (800) 490-9198. A searchable software version of the report (aka the Innovative Treatment Technologies Database) will be available from CLU-IN later this spring. You may download the seventh edition now from http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm#May.

Recent Developments for In Situ Treatment of Metal Contaminated Soils (EPA 542-R-97-004) This report assists the remedy selection process by providing information on four in situ technologies for treating metal contaminated soils. The four approaches are electrokinetics, phytoremediation, soil flushing, and solidification/stabilization. The report identifies vendors, summarizes performance data, and discuss technology attributes that should be considered during early screening of potential remedies [March 1997, 89 pages]. Hard copies, contact (800) 490-9198. Download from http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm#May

Remediation Technologies Screening Matrix and Reference Guide (2nd Edition)(EPA 542-B94-013). This report, developed by member agencies of the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable, is designed to help site managers identify potentially applicable technologies for more detailed evaluation prior to remedy selection. It summarizes the strengths and limitations of 55 innovative and conventional technologies for remediation of soils, sediments, sludges, groundwater and air emissions/off gases. Download from http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm#May or view on-line at http://www.frtr.gov. Limited supply of printed copies of the report are free to government and university employees, contact (800) 490-9198. For private sector companies, a printed copy of the report (#PB 95-104782) may be purchased for $45 from the National Technical Information Service at (703) 487-4650.

Expedited Site Assessment Tools for Underground Storage Tank Sites: A Guide for Regulators (EPA 510-B-97-001). Produced by the EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST), this guide is designed to help regulators evaluate conventional and new site assessment technologies and promote the use of expedited site assessments. Contains information of the expedited site assessment process, surface geophysical methods, soil-gas surveys, direct push technologies, and field methods for the analysis of petroleum hydrocarbons [March 1997, 310 pages]. Hard copies are available for $26 from General Printing Office (202) 512-1800.

Technology Cost and Performance

Guide to Documenting Cost and Performance for Remediation Projects (EPA 542-B-95-002). This document recommends the types of data to collect to document the performance and cost of future site cleanups. This guide specifies data elements for 13 conventional and innovative cleanup technologies. Numerous federal agencies have committed to use this guidance to collect data at full-scale clean-ups, demonstrations and treatability studies. Download from CLU-IN at http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm#May.

Remediation Case Studies: These four documents contain 37 case studies of full-scale site cleanups at Superfund sites and Federal facilities. Each case study documents project design, operation, performance, cost, and lessons learned. The reports should be useful to those evaluating the feasibility or design of these technologies at similar sites. The case studies are available in four volumes, which contain nine, ten, eleven, and eight case studies, respectively. Download from CLU-IN at http://www.clu-in.org/products/costperf/. Available from NTIS at (703) 487-4650.

Bioremediation (PB95-182911)
Groundwater Treatment (PB95-182929)
Soil Vapor Extraction (PB95-182937)
Thermal Desorption, Soil Washing, and In Situ Vitrification (PB95-182945)

Abstracts of Remediation Case Studies (EPA-542-R-95-001). This report contains two-page abstracts of each case study. The abstracts describe the site and waste treated, the waste source, technology, period of operation, technology vendor, technology description, contaminants and media treated, regulatory requirements, summary of performance and cost, contacts, and significance of the application. Download from CLU-IN at http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm#May.

SITE Technology Profiles-Ninth Edition (EPA 540-R-97-502) This document, produced by the Office of Research and Development, provides 2-page summaries of the technologies evaluated under the Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program. Information provided includes a description of the technology, waste applicability and status of the demonstration, and a summary of available results [January 1997, 526 pages]. Hard copies, contact EPA's Center for Environmental Research Information (CERI) at 513/569-7562. Download from the SITE homepage at http://www.epa.gov/ORD/SITE/.

Current Events

Ground Water Currents Newsletter (EPA 542-N-97-002). Ground Water Currents is a periodic newsletter that provides information on innovative groundwater treatment technologies including development and demonstrations, new regulations, and conferences and publications. This issue highlights ongoing research and demonstration projects [April 1997, 4 pages]. View or download from http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm#May. If you would like a printed copy of this issue and/or be on the subscription list for mail receipt of Ground Water Currents, contact (800) 490-9198.

The Technology Innovation News Survey. This feature on CLU-IN (updated every two weeks) contains market/commercialization information; reports on demonstrations, feasibility studies and research; and other news relevant to the hazardous waste community interested in technology development. The bi-weekly updates are posted as a service to our stakeholders who do not have enough time to read the numerous environmental technology news magazines. Every other week we summarize articles in which we believe you might be interested. View or download from http://clu-in.org/new1.cfm.

Seminar Series on Wood Preserving Site Remediation This seminar series is sponsored by EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory, Center for environmental Research Information. These two-day seminars will be useful to decision-makers responsible for remediation of wood treater sites. Seminars are free of charge -- first come, first served. Seminars will be in Milwaukee (June 24-25), Atlanta (June 26-27), and Tacoma (July 8-9).

Site Assessment Technology Evaluation

Consortium for Site Characterization Technologies: Technology Verification Statements In 1995, the CSCT tested a total of 12 technologies in three technology classes and is in the process of finalizing the verification statements and accompanying reports. The CSCT releases signed verification statements and verification reports summarizing the performance of the technologies in the demonstrations. Nine CSCT verification statements may now be downloaded from http://clu-in.org/techpubs.htm#May or http://www.epa.gov/etv/. The full verification reports will be uploaded in May. Verification statements and reports on three field-portable GC/MS technologies will also be available in May. Printed versions will be available later this Spring.

If you have any questions or comments concerning TechDirect, please contact Jeff Heimerman at (703) 603-7191 or heimerman.jeff@epamail.epa.gov.

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