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On June 7, 2000, EPA's Technology Innovation Office (TIO) held an all-day conference on in situ thermal treatment. Thermal energy can be applied to enhance the effectiveness of technologies such as Soil Vapor Extraction and, as a stand-alone technology, can be used to address semi-volatile and non-volatile contaminants not readily amenable to vapor extraction. Recent in situ thermal treatment developments offer the potential for improving effectiveness while reducing the costs of remedial actions. Conference presentations provide practitioners and decision-makers with essential and up-to-date information on this promising remedial approach. The conference included presentations on the principal methods presently employed to heat the subsurface to recover or destroy contaminants, fundamental operating principles, design considerations and limitations, and case studies. Although case studies involve particular technologies and vendors, the purpose is to increase the basic understanding of the capabilities of these innovative approaches to remediation.

For those of you who could not join us in Boston, please join us via the web. We have posted the archived audio files of each presentation. All of the presentations, pictures and biographies of the presenters and abstracts for each of the sessions are mounted on this site.

You will be able to view the presenter's slides while listening to the audio from the June 7 presentation.

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Technical Requirements
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The technical requirements to hear the archived audio stream are outlined below. We strongly urge you to test your computer setup to hear the audio stream before proceeding. If you have technical questions regarding the computer setup for streaming audio, contact The CLU-IN webmaster at

General questions on the web cast should be directed to Jeff Heimerman (703) 603-7191.

To participate, you must have the following:

  1. A sound card and speakers installed on the computer you will be using to participate.

  2. An Internet connection for the duration of the session. We recommend a connection speed of at least 33.6 Kbs. In general, the larger the monitor you will be using to view conference materials online, the faster your connection must be.

  3. Download free Real Player G2!RealPlayer (version G2/6 basic or higher). If you do not already have this web browser plug-in, it is available for free from the RealNetworks web site. If you are not sure whether you have a compatible version of RealPlayer, you may test your installation by selecting the link below. If you are unable to listen to the following audio clip, you either are behind a Internet firewall that prevents you from listening to streaming audio or you must download the latest version of RealPlayer basic. If you require any assistance, please contact the IT professionals within your organization.

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