U.S. EPA Contaminated Site Cleanup Information (CLU-IN)

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. EPA Technology Innovation and Field Services Division

Vendor E-briefings for EPA

EPA OLEM Technology Innovation and Field Services Division is providing a web-seminar forum for vendors of technologies (products and services) to educate an internal government audience about innovative technologies and innovative strategies for using technologies. The seminar audience may include environmental program employees from EPA, other Federal Agencies, and State governments. If you wish to present your product or service, please contact Michael Adam (adam.michael@epa.gov), and provide your contact information, and a brief abstract of the proposed educational presentation.

The rules for inclusion include:

  1. The commercial entity must have a technology relevant to cleaning up hazardous-waste contaminated lands as judged by the professional judgment of EPA waste programs (see "professional judgment" below).
  2. The commercial entity:
    1. must have Federal/State representative projects, OR
    2. must have Federal or State formal technology evaluation, OR
    3. must be able to document use through a treatability study (demonstration of methods applicability, etc) the use of a technology at a Fed/State led project
    4. will be required to sign a waiver for participation (11KB/1p/PDF) stating
      1. that they will not be compensated for participation in this event, and,
      2. participation does not constitute endorsement by EPA of any specific company, its employees, its services or its specific technologies or brand names, and,
      3. agree that they will not use this briefing forum as a promotional endorsement in marketing and advertising efforts, and,
      4. that they grant EPA and the briefing participants permission to copy, distribute, make derivatives, or display publicly the materials provided during the presentation, and the presentation recording for Federal purposes.

The seminars must be designed to provide training, research results, and information regarding innovative technologies and strategies. Selection of seminars will be based on relevancy and "innovation" based on the Professional Judgment of the Technology Innovation and Field Services Division.

Professional Judgment

The Technology Innovation and Field Services Division will use professional judgment to determine topic selection and vendor inclusion in that topic based on:

  1. Topic/technology needs as expressed by previous audiences, Agency offices, etc
  2. Relevancy to hazardous-waste issues, including (but not limited to):
    1. Technologies and strategies to directly remediate contaminated land, sediments, and groundwater aquifers.
    2. Technologies and strategies to characterize contaminated media.
    3. Air monitoring technologies to monitor remediation of contaminated land and waste sites.
    4. Information technologies to collect, manage, distribute, and communicate information to cleanup project teams.
  3. Demonstrated innovative technology or innovative USE of technology; or innovative application of strategies or processes to streamline and enhance cleanup activities.
  4. Evaluation from a State or Federal program, or a completion of project from government program, for example, where a Small Business Innovative Research grant was awarded.