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> NATO/CCMS Pilot Study: Prevention and Remediation
     Issues in Selected Industrial Sectors: Rehabilitation of
     Old Landfills
     Cardiff, Wales , May 23-26, 2004

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New Technologies and Technical Approaches
New Monitoring Approaches
Strategies for Completion and Aftercare
Managing and Treating Leachate
Managing Landfill Gases
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Contaminated LAnd Rehabilitation Network Environmental Technologies—CLARINET (Austria)
   • Sustainable Management of Contaminated Land: An Overview   Acrobat (1.1 MB/PDF)

  • Remediation of Contaminated Land Technology Implementation in Europe   Acrobat (1.4 MB/PDF)

  • Brownfields and Redevelopment of Urban Areas   Acrobat (879K/PDF)

Sustainable Remediation of Historical Point Pollution…at the Landscape Scale—Bob Harris (England)   Acrobat (3.7 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (848K/PPT)

Towards a Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection in the European Union—Harald Kasamas (Europe)   Acrobat (203K/PDF)
PowerPoint (108K/PPT)

A Welsh Perspective on Land Reclamation in Wales and Elsewhere—D. Gwyn Griffiths (Wales)   Acrobat (3.8 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (7.9 MB/PPT)

NATO CCMS Pilot Study on Prevention and Remediation in Selected Industrial Sectors—Walter Kovalick (United States)   Acrobat (25K/PDF)
PowerPoint (47K/PPT)


New Technologies and Technical Approaches

Operating Landfills as Bioreactors to Decompose and Stabilize Solid Waste—Timothy Townsend (United States)   Acrobat (4.1 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (5.5 MB/PPT)

INovative TEchnologies for Remediation of LANDfills and Contaminated Soils INTERLAND—Thomas G. Reichenauer (Austria)   Acrobat (1.2 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (26 MB/PPT)

Field Water Balance of Final Landfill Covers: The US EPA’s Alternative Cover Assessment Program (ACAP)–William H. Albright, Craig H. Benson (United States)  

Acrobat (2.3 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (8.8 MB/PPT)


New Monitoring Approaches

Underground Monitoring System: A Tool for Dry Horizontal Directional Monitoring—Paolo Costa, Antonio Campanile, Carlo Manna (Italy)   Acrobat (2.9 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (7.2 MB/PPT)
Video (11.6 MB/AVI)

Evaluating Older Landfills Using Open-Path Technologies—Susan A. Thorneloe (United States)   Acrobat (16.3MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (42 MB/PPT)


Strategies for Completion and Aftercare

Strategies for Mitigation of Environmental Impacts from a Closed Municipal Landfill—Steven Rose, Greg Bickerton (Canada)   Acrobat (2.1 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (7.2 MB/PPT)

Strategies and Examples of Landfill Closure—Gerhard Rettenberger (Germany)   Acrobat (3.5 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (20 MB/PPT)

Closure and Aftercare Regime for Landfills below the Water Table—Martina Rapthel, Abfallwirtschaft GmbH Halle-Lochau (Germany)   Acrobat (2.0 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (3.6 MB/PPT)

Waste, Noxious Substance Management—Tatiana Galitcaia (Moldova)   Acrobat (212K/PDF)
PowerPoint (3.1 MB/PPT)

Assessment and Restoration of the BP Llandarcy Refinery Landfill—Martin Chapple (United Kingdom)   Acrobat (1.8 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (2.8 MB/PPT)

Closure of the Britannia Sanitary Landfill Site – Is it the End or Just the Beginning?—Larry Conrad (Canada)   Acrobat (1.1 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (2.1 MB/PPT)


Managing and Treating Leachate

Dilute and Disperse Landfills: Evidence for Natural Attenuation—Brian Bone (United Kingdom)   Acrobat (11.6 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (6.0 MB/PPT)

Control of Landfill Leachates Contaminated Groundwater by a MULTIBARRIER Approach—L. Diels, J. Dries, L. Bastiaens (Belgium)   Acrobat (2.98 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (10.3 MB/PPT)

Landfill Leachate Treatment: The UK Approach—Howard Robinson (United Kingdom)   Acrobat (17.0 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (109 MB/PPT)

Optimization of the Natural Attenuation Applied to the Rehabilitation of the Old Landfills: Statistical Analysis, Bibliographical Research and Proposition of Solutions—Thierry Chassagnac (France)   Acrobat (1.4 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (4.3 MB/PPT)
Video (1.23 MB/AVI)


Managing Landfill Gases

Identification of Methane Hazards Near Municipal Landfills: Two Austrian Case Studies—Manuel Fernandez (Australia)   Acrobat (4.5 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (8.0 MB/PPT)

Phytotoxic Damage and Remedial Actions at an Old Landfill Site in Southern Italy—Antonio Ragozzino, Astolfo Zoina, Arcangelo Cesarano, Sergio D’Offizi, Vito de Novellis, Paolo Tagliaferri, Antonio Mangiolfi (Italy)   Acrobat (2.8 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (28 MB/PPT)



Examination of PCB-Contaminated Sites and Assessment Methods of Their Rehabilitation—Sergey Tikhonov (Russia)   Acrobat (242K/PDF)
PowerPoint (196K/PPT)

Landfill Remediation at Former Military Radar Sites—Michael Nahir, Joanna Ankersmit, Wayne Ingham (Canada)   Acrobat (6.9 MB/PDF)
PowerPoint (25 MB/PPT)


Tours de Table

Polluted Sites in France— Christian Militon (France)   Acrobat (590 KB/PDF)

Overview of Clean-up Technologies in Italy: Their Use and Acceptance—F. Quercia (Italy)   Acrobat (848 KB/PDF)

Management of Contaminated Lands in Lithuania—Kestutis Kadunas (Lithuania)   Acrobat (263 KB/PDF)

Waste, Noxious Substances Management—Sergiu Galitchi (Moldova)   Acrobat (1.12 MB/PDF)

Solid Waste Management in Turkey: Current Status and Recent Developments—Basak Tarhan, Kahraman Unlu (Turkey)   Acrobat (320 KB/PDF)

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Page Last Modified: July 21, 2004