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Push-Point Sampler

Project Status
Project Description:

This study will determine if push-point samplers can be used to efficiently and reliably define pore-water quality at depths of a few centimeters in contaminated sediments where remediation is imminent. The study will evaluate the magnitude of lateral and vertical variations in contaminant concentrations in pore water. Application of the push-point samplers will occur at selected locations, probably from a floating dock or raft, at the Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump Superfund Site.

Status of testing and/or field activities:


Results of testing and/or field activities:

The results demonstrate that the pushpoint sampler can yield distinct samples from sites in close proximity; in this case, sampling sites were 1 meter apart horizontally and 20
or 30 centimeters apart vertically. Moreover, the pushpoint sampler was able to draw pore water when inserted to depths as shallow as 10 centimeters below the sediment surface without entraining surface water. The simplicity of collecting numerous samples in a short time period (routinely, 20 to 30 per day) validates the use of a pushpoint sampler as a highly effective tool for mapping the extent of contaminated subsurface plumes, determining their constituents and loadings, and performing technical studies that may be relevant to bioremediation and other activities.


The project is complete.

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Yes, view at

Primary Point of Contact Information
First Name: Dick
Last Name: Willey
Organization: U.S. EPA, Region 1
Phone: 617-918-1266
Fax: 617-918-1291
Email: willey.dick@epa.gov
Project information was last updated on August 9, 2005