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1 Kilometer Open Path Multiple Reflection System Applied in Atmospheric FTIR Trace Gas Analysis  
A Field Study Using Open-Path FTIR Spectroscopy to Measure and Map Air Emissions from Volume Sources  
A Hybrid Thermal Video and FTIR Spectrometer for Rapidly Locating and Characterizing Gas Leaks  
A Look at Open-Path and Extractive Optical Gas Detection  
A Low-Resolution Spectrometer for Open-Path Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometry  
A Multi-Sensor Approach for Monitoring River Chemical Tank Barge Emissions  
A Newly Designed Compact Remote TDL Sensing System for Air Pollutants: Field Experiments and Comparison Measurements  
A Slope-Ratio Method for Quantitative Open-Path FTIR  
A Survey of U.S. Commercial Environmental and Industrial Optical Sensor Environmental Monitoring Equipment Manufacturers  
A Unique Application of an Extractive FTIR Ambient Air Monitoring System for the Simultaneous Detection of Multiple-ppb-Level VOCs  
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