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"Push-Pull" Tests for Monitoring Bioaugmention with Reductive Dechlorinating Cultures  
3-D Seismic Reflection Surveys for Direct Detection of DNAPL  
3-D Seismic Tomography Survey at a Groundwater Contamination Site  
3D Electrical Imaging of Contaminated Soil Near a Gas Station at Brugelette, Belgium  
3D Multi-Offset, Multi-Polarization Acquisition and Processing of GPR Data: a Controlled DNAPL Spill Experiment  
A Case Study for Demonstrating the Application of U.S. EPA's Monitored Natural Attenuation Screening Protocol at a Hazardous Waste Site  
A Comparison of Field Techniques for Confirming Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLs)  
A Comparison of Field Techniques for Confirming Dense Nonaqeuous Phase Liquids  
A Conceptual Model for the Detection of NAPL Using Amplitude and Phase Variation with Offset (APVO) Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar Data  
A Cost-Effective Strategy for DNAPL Characterization  
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